Our small team of senior consultants can source expertise from a large pool of talented professionals. This gives us the flexibility to match skills and experience directly to the size and scope of your project – we can undertake anything from small, one-off editing jobs to major media campaigns and funding strategies.

We are interested in building strong, long-term relationships with clients we enjoy working with. We therefore endeavour to understand - and work to - your circumstances, objectives, expectations and budget.

With an ever increasing range of communications options, from traditional print publications and media campaigns to direct-to-audience digital information and advocacy models, every individual and organisation needs intelligently targeted, well-argued and precisely written material.

We research, write and edit content for any purpose and for any platform. Our particular expertise is in working with complex and intellectually demanding subject-matter.

We have expertise in cross-channel content strategy for print and digital platforms and can help you develop a ‘multi-use content’ approach - repackaging content for multiple purposes such as web video, text and audio to help your brand engage with customers in new and creative ways. We can also help you harness the explosion in user-produced content.

We work with you closely to understand your requirements. We can research and develop content from scratch, or we can edit your own material. We can also organise design and printing, web development and video.

Demonstrating the impact of research is becoming increasingly important in the current funding environment. We can help you identify the ways in which your research impacts the community beyond academia. 
This may involve developing a narrative for your research and telling your story to a variety of audiences – from ERA impact statements to communications aimed at health professionals and patient materials.

Grant applications and tenders to government and to funding bodies such as the Australian Research Council and the National Health & Medical Research Council are highly competitive, and becoming ever more so. We can increase your chances of success by reviewing your draft grant/tender, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and offering advice on how to improve positioning, argument and language. We can also research and write your grant/tender from scratch.

Media and communications strategies

We help organisations devise and implement media and communications strategies to raise their profile amongst the general public or amongst specialist audiences such as researchers, clinicians, patients and consumer groups. We can also link these strategies to your fundraising initiatives. We can help you leverage traditional media (print, radio, television), online and social media, as well as your own ‘local’ communications channels including mail-outs, brochures, and e-newsletters. Research funding strategies

With competition increasing and success rates declining, relying on grants from the ARC and NHMRC is neither realistic nor sustainable. A broader and longer-term ‘portfolio’ approach to research funding is essential. We work with individuals, teams and centres to diversify their potential sources of funding and to plan strategically for all stages of the research pipeline, from basic to applied and translational.

We run information sessions and hands-on workshops to increase your knowledge of the research funding landscape and improve your ability to develop winning submissions. Information sessions are an efficient way to disseminate ideas and strategies to large groups. Researchers can learn about where to apply for funding as well as how to apply for it. Administrative staff responsible for identifying funding prospects and submitting grant applications can benefit from these sessions too.

Hands-on workshops are a great way for smaller groups to learn from our expertise as well as from their own. We lead and direct activities such as writing a compelling first page or ‘selling’ your track record. In our peer-review workshops, we convene a small ‘circle’ of colleagues and facilitate their constructive feedback on each other’s draft proposals. This leverages your in-house expertise and gives researchers some valuable peer-review experience.